Shershaah Movie Review: Is Shershaah actually worth the Hype?

Shershaah Movie Review: Is Shershaah actually worth the Hype?

Shershaah Movie (2021) is a biographical war movie based on the life of an Indian Army Officer Captain Vikram Batra. The movie is directed by Vishnuvardhan and produced by Karan Johar( Still the movie features some really good songs). The movie is going strong on the OTT platform Amazon Prime and also in the hearts of people with an 8.9 IMDB rating.

(L-R) Real Captain Vikram Batra and Reel Captain Vikram Batra a.k.a Siddharth Malhotra

Shershaah Movie Cast

  • Siddharth Malhotra: As Vikram Batra,
  • Kiara Advani: As Dimple Cheema,
  • Ankita Goraya: As Nutan Batra,
  • Shiv Panditt: As Army Captain,
  • Mir Zarwar: As Haider,
  • Sahil Vaid: As Amit.

About Shershaah Movie

As said above, the Shershaah movie is about Indian army Captain Vikram, awarded with India’s highest valor award Param Vir Chakra for his bravery in Kargil 1999 war. The meaning of Shershaah is Lion-King.

The movie starts with a TedTalk of his brother Vishal Batra, delivering the speech about his brother. It’s actually a flashback, in which he shares the story of his brother.

Shershaah movie revolves around the early days of his life, his bond with Dimple Cheema, and his sacrifice for his country. (This is actually the whole story). I feel proud seeing that Bollywood is eventually focusing on real stuff than just senselessly stuffing comedy in any movie.

The Shershaah movie is exceptional, especially the cast and the story.

Shershaah Movie Songs

And, music is exceptional! The movie features about 5 songs. All the songs in this movie are amazing and original :P. They will surely light up your mood. B Praak and Jaani have done a tremendous job in the songs Raanjha and Mann Bharyea.

And who can forget a melody by Jubin Nautyal Raataan Laambiyaa.


Love: This is the most influencing theme in the movie. Shershaah covers a lot of events/ moments between Captain Vikram Batra and Dimple Cheema. It amazes me how beautiful and natural it has turned out to be.

By the end of the movie, you will be so into the characters that every phone conversation between Dimple and Vikram will make you sob.

Friendship: Captain Vikram Batra, a man with happy-go-lucky nature. He easily makes friends.

Also, there is an incident where he was about to drop his dream. Dream of becoming an army officer and join the merchant navy, just so he can marry the love of his life Dimple Cheema. But, his friend Amit guides him about not sacrificing his dream.

Commitment: Shershaah movie covers this one beautifully. I cannot say a balance between the commitment towards his nation, and towards Dimple. But, yes it is justified nicely.

Patriotism: The movie is war-based. So, obviously, this theme is going to be there. Siddharth has nicely portrayed the spirit of Captain Vikram Batra towards his nation. And, the energy which he showcased while saying:

Yeh Dill Mange More!

The Loss: The fear of losing someone is evident in this movie. And, the final scene proves it well.

But I believe it’s overrated. Why? Let’s find out below.

Why it became highest rated movie on IMDB? OR Just Overrated?

  1. It’s been promoted like anything.
  2. All the promotions and reviews are saying that it is an amazing and true representation of the real-life hero and soldier Captain Vikram Batra (which it is to some extent).
  3. So, your mind is already conditioned that, what I am going to watch is amazing, and it is a true representation of our country’s real hero.
  4. There is one more thing, did you notice when you connect with characters? That is during the songs. Don’t tell me you didn’t breakdown seeing Dimple running in the song Mann Bhareya just to see the love of her life for the last time. In short, the songs have been used in such a way that you connect emotionally with the characters. And, as usual, they were released before the movie. This also helped to garner more audience.
  5. Also, songs are filmed on the most impactful scenes of the movie.
    • Like the bond that flourishes in Raataan Lambiya,
    • He getting married to Dimple in a Gurudwara in the song Ranjha,
    • He says goodbye to Dimple, leaves for Kargil and comes back wrapped in the tricolor in the song Mann Bhareya.
  6. It turned out to be more of a love story than a story on patriotism. I really respect Dimple Cheema’s love for him. I do wonder how can anybody live with just a promise of being together. And in this movie, this is the most dominating part. It over-powers all the themes of this movie.
  7. The dialogues, really helped people to connect deeper as the movie features few phrases that Captain Vikram Batra use to say (The videos are available on youtube).

That is why it became Bollywood’s highest-rated movie on IMDB.

Shooting Location of Shershaah Movie:

The hometown location of Captain Vikram Batra is shot in Himachal Pradesh. The college part of the movie is in Chandigarh. And the war scene in Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir.

Final Verdict

I believe, this movie is more or less an overview of Captain Vikram Batra’s life (prominently love life). It could have been more in detail with respect to Captain Vikram Batra’s army training and his selection and journey in IMA.

The war scenes are very few. It could have been more detailed. There is a reason why LOC Kargil, Border, Lakshya, and URI: The Surgical Strike hold an unmatched place in Indian cinema.

Overall, it’s a beautiful story and adaptation. It has taken a very special place in our hearts.

Where to watch Shershaah Movie?

Shershaah movie released on 12th August 2021. The movie is available on Amazon Prime. And, will be able to see it on television maybe after 2 months.

P.S I respect and salute our heroes, as they sacrifice their today for our safe tomorrow. This is just m viewpoint about the movie 🙂

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