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Khuda Haafiz, a thriller, was released on 14 August 2020. Among the project’s stars are Vidyut Jammwal and Shivaleeka Oberoi. Faruk Kabir directed the film. Love, commitment, and flesh-traders are the themes in this film. Let’s dive deeper into the review and explore further.


Khuda Haafiz:Trailer

In the film, the recession of 2008 is depicted. People are losing their jobs, and so are our main characters Sameer Choudhary (Vidyut Jammwal) and Nargis Choudhary (Shivaleeka Oberoi).

An agent (Vipin Sharma) brought them an attractive opportunity to work in Noman after they were unsuccessfully looking for a job in India for three months. Nasgris is the first to receive the confirmation letter. Therefore, she departs for Noman 5-6 days before Sameer. Here’s where the real story begins. Nargis calls Sameer in distress. She said, “I’d like to go home. The company as described wasn’t the one I was hired for. They didn’t treat me well.”.

And, she goes missing. 

He tries to locate and save her with the assistance of friend Hamid Ali Murad (Annu Kapoor) and two secret service agents, Tamina Hamid (Aahana Kumara) and Faiez Abu Malik (Shiv Pandit). The movie raises the issue of flesh traders.


Khuda haafiz movie review
Khuda Haafiz: Still from song Jaan Ban Gaye

So, the couple Sameer and Nargis gives us some good couple goals — stick together in worst and best situation.

Though, story of Khuda Haafiz just covers up like an overview of the situation, some dramatic elements might have added the better attachment with the characters. But, few of the scenes in the movie are tremendously executed, and will leave you with great impact (And, an unexpected bad guy).

The songs of the movie are good. Specially the title track Khuda Haafiz, Mera Inteezar Karna and Jaan Ban Gaye.

Khuda Haafiz: Full Album

The one thing that movie promises is the action scenes. We know when Vidyut Jammwal is in the movie we can expect some good action pack sequences, which actually are the highlights of this movie.

Both Vidyut Jammwal and Shivaleeka Oberoi are true to their characters. The struggle of a middle class family, to get a job for survival is portrayed fairly. But it would have been great if they had more screen time together. Plus, the story required more plot twists to keep audience engaged, because some of the scenes are very predictable.

Overall, Khuda Haafiz is a good movie. The idea and theme of the movie is really powerful. But the script doesn’t justify the severeness of the issues properly. The movie will not leave you thrilled for a very long time!

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