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Notting Hill celebrated 21 years on 28th May 2020. A sincere and sophisticated love story, and a great way to get over your lockdown blues!


William Thacker (Hugh Grant), a British bookseller, runs a travel bookstore in Notting Hill. He lives with Spike (Rhys Ifans), a scruffy and rather absurd Welshman. His uneventful life is turned upside down when he meets and falls in love with Anna (Julia Roberts). A high-profile American actress walks into his bookstore and steals his heart. However, their relationship goes through many problems due to their different social statuses.

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Obviously, the story focuses on Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. But what makes it more incredible and pleasurable is the quality of a cast in the tiny supporting role. James Dreyfus, Henry Goodman, Julian Rhind-Tutt, Dylan Moran, Clarke Peters, a young Mischa Barton, Emily Mortimer, Samuel West, and Sanjeev Bhaskar.

And, there’s is also a cameo from Alec Baldwin as Julia’s awful movie-star boyfriend. Omid Djalili has a subliminal appearance, the guy who sells William the orange juice that he spills all over Anna. Andrew Haigh, director of Weekend and 45 Years, appears in the final credits as the work experience guy.


The movie is all about love, care friendship, and affection. But on the other hand, it also gives us a picture of the life of a TV actress who is famous, has money, and all the luxuries that she wishes for.

Still, she is not happy with her life. she has an empty relationship in which she doesn’t want to be. She doesn’t have her own life or time, always surrounded by media butterflies. But, what she actually desires is a life of a simpleton.

Whereas, William thinks that her life is perfect. She can own anything, have that financial freedom, a lavish life, spotlight, and according to him this is what actually a person needs to live and live life to the fullest.

If we sum up the whole picture we can say they are opposite, but they complete each other. With each other, they live a life that they desire. It is like that they find the missing piece of their lives in each other. And, this actually makes the movie stand out.


Notting Hill movie review: When Anna attends a dinner party For Williams younger sister.
Notting Hill: When Anna attends a dinner party For Williams’s younger sister.

The characters, Anna Scott and William Thacker are quite easy to believe. They represent two different worlds, and their conflicts are highly visible. The director highlights the social disparity between a famous movie star and a commoner. Two funny sequences illustrate their very different worlds. In one, William finds himself in the middle of a press junket for her new film.

And, has to pretend to be a journalist from Horse and Hound magazine to see her. On the other side, she attends a birthday party for William’s younger sister (Emma Chambers). Which turns out as a surprise for all the other guests.

The evening walk….

Notting Hill: When you Say Nothing at all

After the dinner what makes them realize their feeling for each other. And the beautiful music that plays in the background will steal your heart.

The relationship between the well-known actress and the reserved bookseller goes through some ups and downs. After the entry of her famous actor boyfriend (Alec Baldwin). And, also because of her personal crisis. When the press goes crazy over some nude photographs of her taken when she was younger. 

Grant’s performance has a unique kind of poignancy. Especially as he trails miserably away later from the hotel, having been mistaken by Baldwin for the room service guy.

And at another moment when Honey, with horrible insensitivity, gives him the phone number of Anna’s agent as a consolation prize for not having her. Some of the details are very credible and will make you feel that they are alluding to a real event.

Julia Roberts is just fabulous in this role. It is also considered one of the best performances of her career. The conflict between living what she has or living what she desires is what makes this movie so believable.

Notting Hill: Final Scene

In the final scene, this fairy tale romance reveals, what many of us — even the screen goddess — desire, is a return to the garden of paradise. Where we can spend a quiet afternoon, in the peaceful presence of the person we love.

Notting Hill movie review: Final scene
Notting Hill: Final scene

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