Deepika Padukone at JNU Campus


Deepika Padukone was paid Rs. 5 Crs., to participate in the ANTI-CAA protests at JNU by Aneel Musarrat alleged by former Raw Officer N. K. Sood.

Deepika Padukne at JNU Campus

Everybody remembers nationwide protest against CAA-NRA act. Whole India was baffled and faced the aggression of people who were against it. But more or less, it came out as a surprise that, why people are not in favor of getting their own identity as Indians.

Many of the people came out to help. In favor or to support the act and to create awareness about it, to lower down the uncertainty of the people. Celebrities showed their gestures to bring the case in notice.

Some in favor-some not in favor. Among them, where the people who also used the situation for their own advantage. It eventually paved the way for more chaos in Delhi. The clashes were further aggravated by anonymous goons in various parts of Delhi. Even the students were not spared in this hazel, as a result led to an unsettling situation in Jamia University and JNU.

During this hazel, one more thing made it to the news headlines. Deepika Padukone (a renowned bollywood actress) visited the JNU campus to ‘stand’ with the students of JNU. Though, her movie was about to release around that time. But she was their to extend her ‘support’ to JNU students.

Consider it to be a gesture or promotional tactic, both ways it didn’t work out well for Deepika Padukone. For instance, it gave rise to a debate in the bollywood industry, as well as it even hampered the release and overall collection of Chapak. Long story short, it led to more of negative marketing than positive.

The Allegations..

Deepika Padukone at JNU Campus

Now, a new allegation has emerged on Deepika Padukone. That she was paid go there. It is claimed by a former RAW Officer, N. K. Sood, that she took whooping amount of Rs. 5 Crs., to visit the campus and participate in ANTI-CAA protest. The money she received was from Aneel Musarrat (a business man but also claimed to be an ISI puppet).

N. K. Sood, has usually been vocal about the allegations previously as well, specifically when it is related to Bollywood Industry having ties with underworld. This is not first time that, Aneel Musarrat’s name is linked to Bollywood. In fact, his name does keep cropping for the linkages with Bollywood Industry, and for hawala practices. And, also surfaced for financing ANTI-CAA protest in London. He was also seen at the Sonam Kapoor’s wedding, claimed former RAW officer N. K. Sood.

The investigation is already in action. National investigation agency (NIA) can approach Maharashtra government to probe into the allegations.

It is true that, many of the Bollywood Industry practices are unjustifiable. Here, we can only wait and see how far the current allegations on Deepika are true and how far her support for the students is justifiable.

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