COVID-19 VACCINE: A Quick Overview Of The Available Vaccines

COVID-19 VACCINE: A Quick Overview Of The Available Vaccines

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So, this article is going to be a quick one. As we all know that currently whole country is facing the challenge of Covid – 19. It has taken a great toll on worldwide economy, schools, colleges, and even our daily lives. To make things normal each country is trying to come-up with their own vaccine. Or, shaking hands with the country which is making one, to make vaccine available in their own country.

Currently looking at the scenario, we have about 7-8 potential vaccines available or are going to be available in the market. Sooner or the later, vaccines are going to be available in each and every country. Because, obviously each of us needs to be vaccinated (The only way how we can win battle against Covid – 19). But, with so many options also brings in the question which one is better? So, to ease out the confusion I have listed 7 vaccines below and given a quick comparison between them. It is based on few criterions like what it is made up of, cost, after effects, etc. I believe this will help you to make up your mind and decide which vaccine can be a better and safe choice for you and your family!

So, here is the quick comparison of Covid – 19 Vaccines:

COVID-19 VACCINE: A Quick Overview Of The Available Vaccines
COVID-19 VACCINE: A Quick Overview Of The Available Vaccines


  • To consult your doctor before you take any vaccination. (specially those who are pregnant, suffering from any disease, or are prescribed to any long term medication)
  • Take the allergy test. It will help you to be sure about your allergies to any of the ingredients used in the vaccine. (always recommended)
  • You can refer to WHO Website as well for further details.

Vaccination is important to safe guard ourselves from Covid – 19. But, it is also important to take it under proper guidance and consultation.

I hope this quick overview of the vaccines will help you explore the right option! Remember to consult a doctor before deciding onto any vaccine, he knows the best! (Don’t act like a doctor, as it’s just an OVERVIEW and not a medical consultation.)

I’ll see you soon with a new review, till then stay safe and stay healthy!

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