Bell Bottom Movie (2021): All You Need To Know

Bell Bottom Movie (2021): All You Need To Know

Bell Bottom Movie (2021) is an upcoming Bollywood spy-thriller movie directed by Ranjit Tiwari. It is written by Aseem Arora and Parveez Shaikh. The movie going to release in theatres on 19th August 2021. It will star Akshay Kumar, Vaani Kapoor, and Huma Qureshi in the lead roles.

Bell Bottom Movie (2021) Cast

  • Akshay Kumar: As Bell Bottom( this is his code name, we are not the real names yet.)
  • Vaani Kapoor: As his wife,
  • Huma Qureshi: As a support agent,
  • Lara Dutta: As Indira Gandhi,
  • Adil Hussain: As an agent chief,
  • Aniruddh Dave: As Puchchi,
  • Thalaivasal Vijay

Bell Bottom Movie (2021) Story

Bell Bottom is a spy thriller movie set in the 80s. The movie is based around a situation, that is a passenger plane hijack. A covert operation is to be executed to safely release the flight from the hijackers, identify the group behind this and kill them.

In short, the whole story revolves around this event. The planning, the operation, and the situation will be the parameters of this movie.


The movie will feature about 3-4 songs. One of them is going to be a melody (if we consider his previous movie trend). The notable song is going to by Armaan Malik.

Recently, an audio song is release named ‘Dhoom Tara’ composed by Tanishk Bagchi.

Bell Bottom Movie (2021) Shooting Location

The shooting of the movie is done in different places as there is a lot of traveling. India, Scotland, and London to name a few locations.

What to Expect?

Spy movies are always fun and interesting to watch like James Bond. Why? Because the plot is always developing, the story has its twist and turns to keep you thinking about what is going to happen next.

The inspiration of the movie Bell Bottoms are the true events of 24th August 1984. When an Indian Airlines Flight 421 flying from Chandigarh to Srinagar was hijacked by seven terrorists and demanded to be flown to the US.

A 36 hours standoff between Indian Army officials and terrorists came to an end, with the release of flight and all passengers.

The story of this movie is also going to be interesting and intense. And, it is not the first time we are seeing Akshay Kumar in the role of a spy agent. He played as a spy in Baby (2015)Naam Shabana (2017), and as an Indian Soldier/Secret Service agent in Holiday. And, he kicks off these roles nicely.

But, what concerns us here is that his recent movie has been on the same lines. It can be a little boring for the audience if the story execution will not be engaging enough.

Vaani Kapoor, her role looks similar to Madhurima Tuli’s role in Baby. There is going to be variance but the focus of the movie is the operation and not something that involves her directly. So, we can say it will be on similar lines.

One more thing to notice here is the transformation of Lara Dutta. She is unrecognizable!

Bell Bottom Movie (2021): All You Need To Know
Bell Bottoms Movie (2021): Lara Dutta As Indira Gandhi

Bell Bottom Movie (2021) Release Date and Platforms

The trailer came out on 2nd August 2021. The release date of Bell Bottom (2021) is going to be 19th August 2021 in theatres. Amazon Prime Video is the online streaming partner of this movie. So we can expect it to release on Amazon Prime after 30 or 45 days of its theatre release. With that Sony Max is the Television partner which means the movie will have its television release on Sony Max maybe after 2 months maximum.

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