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Amazon Prime’s Sherni: A Movie About Human Greed And Environment

Amazon Prime’s movie Sherni (Tigress) was released on 18th July 2021. This Amazon Prime release garnered okayish hype as it was not a big-budget commercial movie. Vidya Balan as usual is fierce in her avatar (role) as a Forest Officer. Shot in the jungles of Madhya Pradesh, the movie slowly gets you into the trance of what is going to happen next. To add further, the theme of the movie is quite fresh for the audiences. Also, it gives a break to the Bollywood industry from simply remaking the movies from the Hollywood or Tollywood Industry.

This movie has different layers of themes. As said above, Sherni is not merely an entertainment drama, it talks about many social issues of modern India. This movie has some real takeaways which nobody has highlighted before:

Sherni Movie Trailer

Let’s talk about the story first:

Story: The Sherni story revolves around a tigress who is hunting around the village where Vidya Vincent (Vidya Balan) is appointed. The movie is not based on true events as said by the director. But it has surely taken inspiration from the T1 case of Yavatmal, Maharashtra.

It dates back to 2016 when a tigress was on a hunt and killed about 14 villagers. A decision was taken to find the tigress, tranquilize her and release her in the jungle. Finally, 2 years long search operation came to end when she was shot dead, which led to a lot of negative media attention on the grounds of tiger hunting.🤔

Songs: This movie has only 2-3 songs. Lucky us, all the songs are original. 😁

Visuals: Just amazing. Visuals are raw, beautiful, and true to the theme. 😍

Sherni Movie Vidya Balan
Vidya Balan during the shoot of Sherni

Vidya Balan: She is one such actor, who can perform any role and just blow your mind, be it a scientist, a housewife, or a mathematician. This role is one of them. It totally suits her. In this movie, she is playing the role of a DFO (Divisional Forest Officer), who is for the first time in her career is on field duty. The role looks tough and it is tough as we have never seen any female actor play such a role. We have seen her playing different personas and it is good to see that she is experimenting with her roles, that is why we can see her in fresh avatars. 🤩

Social Messages:

Private Hunting: The movie is highlighting the point of private hunting. How few hunters just get into the government tasks (through their connections with some influential people) and change the whole objective of the task due to their greed. They just don’t let officials work. The private hunters don’t have any concern with the situation or the dying people or even the environment. They just want to hunt so that they can increase their hunting count. 🤦‍♀️

Sherni Movie Vidya balan and team
A scene for the movie Sherni

Politics & Media: This is a very strong message. To turn this situation into an election campaign, promises are made by the politician that they will do anything to get rid of the tiger. All this is done to get votes from the villagers. However, the politicians turn out to be a no-shown when it comes to visiting the family of the person who died. Politicians don’t let government officials work and they don’t work themselves as well. 🤐

The only work of media channels in this movie is to present the news just to gain TRPs. Just imagine a media representative asking a villager:

Sir, how are you feeling about this situation? A tiger is roaming around in your village, how do you feel about it?

Bhai Bhai darr kisko lagta hai, maza he aa rha hoga unko (As if, how can villagers be afraid, they might be enjoying the situation right?) 😛

Mining: A short point, you can say it as a cameo of the mining area which becomes a hurdle for them. 😥

Patriarchal Society: A very loud and clear theme of the movie Sherni. A straightforward message that “Your opinions do not matter if you are a female officer. Because certain skills of doing the job right way are only under the possession of your male counterparts!”. Each and every scene of the movie Sherni, gives this message. And, the consequences can be really bad if you try to question or resist the decisions of your senior male colleagues. 👨‍💼


Sherni Movie Vidya Balan
Vidya Balan as Vidya Vincent, from the movie Sherni

Here, the movie name Sherni not only depicts the tigress they are trying to catch but also the tigress who is fighting the stereotypes of the society. 🤸‍♀️

Overall, it is a good movie, though it progresses slowly. The movie theme is larger than it seems. We can sum it up by saying that, do take out some time and watch this movie. It is worth watching at least once. A movie with a strong message and a sorted confident storyline. 👍

You can watch the movie on Amazon Prime.

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