About Us

Hey, This is Aanchal. She loves to share her thoughts, though judgmental sometimes. 😛 So, she channelized her thoughts to something productive. A website.

The idea of ReviewSha actually started with this. It is about to share thoughts and re-view the products, books, hacks, movies, videos, music (actually anything) and try to find out if it is actually worth the hype or no.

For Example: You want to try a skin hack – You search the internet but there and so many options (google results, youtube videos), then which one to choose from? – Here, we come into picture! We will filter out the hacks and present you the most effective one (tried and tested).

And, how is that going to happen? – We’ll try it and test it, and mention it if it is actually worth for you to give a try. Like we have done it here.

You might be wondering that there are so many people doing the same thing. Well it is not same, as many of the reviewers today review the product because they are sponsored. And what about customer reviews on various e-commerce website? – Some of them are genuine but others are not as those reviews a given by somebody from manufacturers side or from the rival company. In both cases the review given is not genuine.

But here, we review without any pressure. Just clear, genuine and non-sponsored reviews, which will make your decision making process more simple and easier.

We are always open to hear your thougths or if you you want us to review something which you are eyeing on (first preference will be give to that), 😉

Feel free to contact us on info@reviewsha.com.

With lots of love,

Team ReviewSha. 🙂